The Rot Starts Early

2003 Stuart Goldsmith

Any failed or mediocre life is permeated through from top to bottom with lack of discipline, and it starts early. Here is a life report from one such man:

Failed at school because of lack of discipline (always mucked around instead of working; always out with the mates instead of doing some homework). Due to poor school results, got mediocre job. Never had a decent pay rise because lack of discipline meant he was often late for work and never did the job properly; always clock-watching and never went the extra mile. Never saved a penny - always spent the lot (and more) as soon as it came in. Never invested time for a better future, 'spent' the lot on trivial pleasures. Always in debt, never solvent - it takes discipline to control your finances. Retired - broke, bitter, disillusioned...and surprised at his poverty!

This needn't happen to you. Everyone has a sense of discipline. Heck, without it, you'd never get out of bed in the morning. Discipline is exactly that voice which says to you after the alarm has gone off: "Right, come on, up you get!" Without that, you'd just lie in bed all day. The trick is to start cultivating that sense of discipline - that small voice which nags away at you. You need to make it habitual. Don't suppress it. Listen to it and follow it. This is the difference between success and failure. The 'secret magic formula' of getting rich can be encapsulated in the quality of self-discipline. It's little more than that.

As an example, if you were disciplined enough to go out cleaning windows on a Saturday (or a few evenings a week) instead of frittering away your time, then after ten years of doing this and investing the money you would have $150,000 in the bank! I mention this not to encourage you to start a window cleaning round, but to prove that you don't need to start a stock broking business, or open a chain of restaurants to make money. A simple piece of self-discipline in a lowly profession makes you a $150K in ten years, $450K in twenty years! Imagine what would happen if you really applied your talents! The only thing which stops people doing this is lack of self-discipline, or laziness by another name.

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